September 28 @ 18:30 – Global #FreeSavchenko Day

On September 28 at 18:30 Global #FreeSavchenko Day is going to be held around the world.

Where: Houses of Parliament, Westminster, SW1A 0AA London

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Initiated by the lawyers of Nadiya Savchenko and announced by Mark Feygin during his visit to London this August, the Global Day aims to deliver the message to global leaders, NGOs, human rights activists and wider public on the urgent need to amplify pressure on Russia to release Nadiya #Savchenko and other Ukrainian citizens taken as the Kremlin’s political prisoners.

Nadiya Savchenko, a 33-year-old Ukrainian pilot, was kidnapped on June 17, 2014 by militants of the self-proclaimed People`s Republic of Luhansk near the town of Schastya and moved forcefully to Russia, where she was charged with fake allegations. Since then Nadiya was kept in prison with no fair trial, but only for political reasons to use Ukrainian woman for propaganda purposes. The trial on Savchenko case proved to be political and the verdict on her case is being written by Kremlin, but not the court.

The public campaign aims to raise awareness of the travesty of justice, which takes place in Russian courts, and to help release Nadiya and other Ukrainians from Russian prisons.

Please, join the campaign and spread the word about Global #FreeSavchenko Day.

The hashtags for the campaign in social media are #Savchenko, #FreeSavchenko та #LetMyPeopleGo.


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