June 2014-March 2015 Summary Report

London Euromaidan update

We are deeply grateful for all the support that our community has given over the past few months which is turn is helping many people who are on the front lines of the war. We are continuing to collect money to support the soldiers on the front, as well as help the wounded and families that have lost their loved ones.

In conjunction with the entire UK Ukranian community, London Euromaidan continues to support men, women and children who have been caught up in the conflict.

In the last report – we have given information from 28th September, 2014 to 4th October, 2014.

During this period we sent over close to 1500 kg of goods to help the Ukrainian army.

Goods that were sent over included: jackets, helmets, radios, tyres, boots, bandages, sweets, tea, gloves, thermal underwear, Celox, sleeping bags, uniforms, & jackets.

Aid has been sent to the following units:

  • Battalion of “Aydar”
  • Battalion “Kievan Rus”
  • 5th Battalion territorial defense m. Ivano- Frankisvsk
  • Anti-tank unit

The Irpiyskiy miliatry hospital also turned to London Euromaidan for help as their operating light was not functioning – making life saving operations extremely challenging. London Euromaidan with financial support from the Ukrainian Medical Association of the UK bought a suitable replacement in the UK and has now transported it to the military hospital.

Despite the so called “ceasefire”, there is a stream of constantly wounded soldiers attending the hospital. There are many needs to treat these trauma patients and their equipment is limited. We plan to continue to support these medical personal with the equipment they lack and transport further medical equipment as needed.

We also plan to raise funds for rehabilitation and support the psychological needs of the people there in the future.

Please follow our report updates on LONDON EUROMAIDAN UPDATE facebook page.

Photo Reports
We have been sending parcels of clothing and medical supplies direct to battalions in response to requests they have sent us. In return they have sent photographs of the parcels they received – you can view these on our Facebook page.

Donation summary report – June 2014 – March 2015

Purchases summary report – June 2014 – March 2015

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